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inconsistency and grace... and making missteaks

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sometimes, I think about blogging, and then look back over my inconsistent blogging track record and think... no, oh nope. Don't do it unless you are going to STICK TO IT, A-man-duh. Make a blogging schedule and... blah blah blah. And then I scare myself away from relaxing, enjoying the process, and typing out a few thoughts.

And so, I don't do it, because there is a darn good chance I won't do it perfectly-always-forever! So what if it's only a blog post every three months? THAT IS OKAY. The moment I start putting pressure on myself to perfect and formula-ize (is that a word?!) something, to make a plan to be the best-amazing-talented-consistent (insert blank) EVER, odds are I won't enjoy the process OR I won't do it at all.

Truth is, you are never going to be a star athlete, a great photographer, a world-changing disciple of Jesus if you don't start somewhere, and be willing to throw pride and expectation of instant PERFECTION to the side. Be willing to be a learner who enjoys the process and who probably will make mistakes.

Or, as I saw recently on Pinterest: "Be willing to make missteaks."

So PRAISE God He doesn't leave us the self-centered, pride-filled, bound by the pursuit of perfection people that we are. Praise Him that He loves us enough to change us, and to pour grace over each of us in the process.

I am blogging today simply to say: don't let your pride stop you from experiencing the abundant life God has for you! LET'S MAKE MISSTEAKS! Anyone with me on this one?

Maybe I will be back soon... with more emo selfies! Ha. And maybe I won't. And I am alright with that!

Okay, let's be real... sort of alright with it. Trying to be!

Ps. Thank you for reading this little rant to myself. You are a trooper.

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