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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For the ladies:

How you know you might be on trend...

If you hear a reaction from the guys in your life that goes something like this:




"Are you really going to wear those?"


And I am convinced that if they refer to my boots as "pilgrim shoes" my new ankle booties are ADORABLE. As in, Rachel Zoe would be proud. BANANAS. 

So it's almost like... reverse pyschology... or a a hidden compliment when the boys react adversely to my wardrobe.

And it seems that most guys fall into this category. (Not all, but most!) If they haven't seen it before... it freaks them out! No worries my dear- guaranteed your girl friends are going to be drooling over those pastel colored jeans and biker jackets and grandpa sweaters and leopard loafers and in a few months, the boys will be accustomed to them!

So when I get a negative reaction to my outfit like the above, which happens frequently, I say HOME RUN BABY! 

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