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31 Days... and short term relationships

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So... I've had a series of very short-term relationships... 

with my blog...

Last week I logged into blogger after realizing it has been over a YEAR since I have posted! Gah... How's that for inconsistency??? I LOVE to write. And I LOVE reading other's blogs. But somewhere between the craziness that is life and the fact that blogging, for me at least, requires a certain amount of transparency, which isn't easy for me.  It takes... courage to pour your personal life out on a page and hit publish, and so somehow I've never managed to do it! I realized today that my blogging relationships have always been short-term and have never really developed into a full-blown habit...Does that mean I am a commitment phobe?! LOL. 

So enter... the 31 Days challenge. This is a challenge that many bloggers and writers are taking... to write every single day in October. And so that is what I am doing. Starting today, October 1st, I will be posting Every. Single. Day. through October 31st. Scary, I know. 

So, why am I joining in the #Write31days? Because I love a challenge. Love a goal. And I love writing SO MUCH. And so here I go! 

What will I write about? Whatever I want.... haha! But seriously...  I will not be scheduling posts ahead of time. Possible topics could range from sharing about my day at work  as I am in the midst of planning one of our biggest fundraising events of the year... to my family... to some of my favorite makeup and skin care products that I cannot live without... to my FAVORITE iPhone apps... to how God is teaching me to trust Him in the desert. 

So join me! Write me nice comments and keep reading and MAKE SURE I actually write every day! Haha. 



PS. Each day I will update this post with links to each day's new posts below (so they will all be linked in "one" blog post)... so check back daily!

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