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Day 4 & The Self Tanner Search

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Every pale girl with an aversion to tanning beds can identify with the need to find the PERFECT self tanner.

I've tried Jergens... not a huge fan. Although the formula goes on like an everyday lotion, there is no color indicator... so streaks are inevitable as you cannot see where you are applying... BOO! Nobody wants to be a tie-dyed pumpkin. And also a bummer, Jergens SMELLS like a self-tanner. Very strong and really annoying. 

And THEN, we have Tarte Brazilliance. A bit more pricey, yes, but it smells like a cupcake and there is a color indicator so that you can see where you apply and therefore (hopefully!) prevent streaks. 

I am currently wearing this and hope and pray I don't wake up like an oompa-loompa in the morning, otherwise my plans for the day will change really drastically... 

Anyone have an AMAZING self-tanner you would like to recommend?! Please share in the comments below!



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